Diana Mayorga Vogel, LMFT

The Sassy Therapist

Well hello there! I’m Diana Vogel, aka The Sassy Therapist. I’m a psychotherapist of many trades, Adj. Grad Professor, Latinx warrior, business owner and a national speaker. More importantly, I’m living the life I’ve always dreamt of with my high school sweetheart, our two boys (almost men), and the cutest speckled dwarf Cocker Spaniel that ever existed. 

Growing up with a mother who was a Sheriff in the city of Los Angeles, where I was born, raised, and still reside, I learned the value of service early on. Volunteering, donating, creating opportunities to give back, became a way of life. However, it’s not quite the reason I decided to become a therapist, for that, I went the “wounded healer” route. As a survivor/thriver of childhood trauma, I found myself in therapy.  It was through this journey as a patient that would lead me here, to you. 

I think of myself as an interpreter, a messenger, a teacher, a listener, a guide…. a swift kick in the ass. I believe we are all souls just wandering this earth, trying to figure out this human experience, and I believe we are supposed to help one another get through it. I also believe that house plants are a lifestyle, pumpkin candles should be sold year round, and that lattes create endorphins….but we can save those topics for another day. 

Welcome, I’m glad you found me.  

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