Weight Loss Surgery (Part 1)


If you got this far, then that means you are contemplating having weight loss surgery. But let me guess, you’re scared, worried it won’t work, afraid of judgment. Let me help you navigate this big decision. As a psychotherapist, and 10 year post op bariatric patient, I understand wholeheartedly what you are going through. Let me provided you with some answers. 




  • It’s not entirely your fault
    • Genetics
    • Environmental influences
    • Culture
    • Mental Health
  • Weighing your options
    • Conventional route vs. surgical route
    • Assessing your level of readiness
  • Processing your fear of failing
  • How to navigate family and friends
  • Everything a spouse needs to know
    • Is divorce risk higher after weight loss surgery
    • How to navigate jealousy and or insecurities
    • Teach your spouse how to support you


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